Luigi Savino: Born to Italian American Restaurateurs. Born in Central Florida. Schooled in Communications Design at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Currently practicing illustrator in the Bay Area California .

Fascinated with the visual ecosystem of contemporary urban settings, illsavino expresses hyper-realistic detail  with the compelling techniques of graffiti: an emphasis on composition, line, form, and rhythm. Mr. Savino captures and curates the moments of time, unheard conversations, and visual quirks within our contemporary urban environment for your gallery, album, or zine. The characters that occupy his pieces observe the passing of time and the neglected aesthetic stimuli of our daily urban and digital existence. His strong drawing technique and versatile mixture of collage elements and classical painting simultaneously obscure and illuminate - tuning out excessively loud notes and subtly highlighting overlooked tones. some works are shaken, others stirred.

You might encounter the crafty and elusive artist watching hoops or carefully and methodically documenting in vivid detail the daily sights, sounds, and smells of your neighborhood you never noticed for his next pastiche.


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